Wednesday, August 24, 2016

NIAC 2016 Symposium Notes

2017 NIAC Symposium Boulder CO: target, Fall 2017
Space Technology Portfolio

9 programs
-Transformative and Crosscutting Technology Breakthroughs
   Tech Demo Missions
   Small Spacecraft Tech Program
   Game Changing Dev.
-Pioneering Concepts/Developing Innovation Community
   NASA Innovative Advanced Concepts
   Space Tech Research Grants
   Center Innovation Fund
-Creating Markets and Growing Innovation Economy
    Centennial Challenges
    Flight Opp
    Small Business Innovation Research and Small Bus. Tech. Transfer

Three stage portfolio
Other Student programs are research programs
Civil Service and Education

Challenge Program
Innovative Electrical Airplanes
Space Elevators
??? Planned?? Helicopters
**Governmentwide program

Widget to design overall program architecture

Early Stage
-NASA Innovative Advanced Concepts
-Space Tech Research Grants
-Center Innovation Fund
Game Changing Development ie. Small Spacecraft Tech.??
Comm Partnerships
Flight Opp
Cent Challenges

Astroid Retrieval Mission
Supersonic retropropulsion
surface power

STMD Thrust Areas
Critical towards sustainable life on Mars

Analogy for low TRI funding in general - a turkey on Thanksgiving
Small turkeys have a higher number of units per pound (energy)
So for NASA, taking larger percentages of small investments will make more sense
The budget has been constrained by bulky contracts
In order to have a larger budget, looking at smaller projects over greater time will have a greater impact and a greater value for researchers

Phase ones and Phase twos
encouraging outreach and sharing, the coming symposium in Boulder

Pathways, 508 compliance (NASA comm needs ORIGINAL file to convert)
PDF format on the NIAC website
sensitive information must be protected (e.g. separate appendix
Final clients produce views, ITAR Compliance is important
Essential parts of a presentation include a table, graph, and even cards

Something like sugar….?

Please credit NASA and NIAC in all products or articles associated with NIAC studies (include logos)
Mention your NIAC award as funding/contributing to your effort
Please notify Kathy Reilly - ideas and presentation
Please… ???

Associate Director ???
Sputnik story absolutely riveting: Roger D. Launius National aerospace Museum

Working for the Air Force to Director of aerospace program, ownership of the museum (joke)
DO NOT touch the actual spacecraft, just the plexiglass
1950s - The Space Exploration Advocate’s Agenda (painting)
Space transportation system part of an aggressive agenda partially to Mars
Replication in 2001 A Space Odyssey
Environment, imprint
Advocates for Space exploration, German Immigre

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Slamming together of Agencies >> clash and fight over ideas
Sputnik Crisis moves into NASA
Army efforts - jet propulsion lab
Low budget and attempt to create an Agency
-> NASA with early opposition from Eisenhower
DARPA creation and his concern was that we were behind, no necessity to create a bureaucracy existed for him
There will not be a space race with the Chinese as there was from Russia
There is no mutual desire for nuclear war
There are some rivalries, but there is not the death struggle fight with the Chinese as there was with Russia, children used to crawl under the desks many days, this was the environment of the space race
Remaining Incentives for Spaceflight
-Nat. Security and Military Applications
-Scientific Discovery and Understanding
-Economic Competitiveness and Commercial Activities (making $ in space), Jeff Bosen - “I’m not doing this for myself, I want to make money” without this there was the potential to pull the plug
-Geopolitics and national prestige

Mapping the schedule of American Independence with Space Exploration
Christopher Columbus >>> Yuri Gagarin
Lost Colony of Roanoke >>>> Apollo 11
Jamestown >>>> 1st Mars Colony
US Independence >>>> 1st Off-World Republic

Keeping in mind the long periods of centuries involved

Challenges for Future of Human Spaceflight
Exploit historical rationales
Build on initial experiences; broaden international activities
Enhance national security, exploration, science, technology development, commerce, and infrastructure

Step 2: “then a miracle occurs”
Scientist says, “I think you should be more explicit here in step two.”

What will we do now that there is no space program? Need?
  1. Weather security
  2. Military Aggression
  3. Necessity to make $, comm. success
  4. Extension of human frontier in knowledge, education, and culture: What do you mean there is no space frontier? As the correct response to the above question
Robot program out in Pluto, Shuttle program, only wakes up in event of disaster, without the shuttle program, mainstream appeal should be appropriate

What would have happened if Niel Armstrong had planted a flag and claimed territory in the name of the United States?
Outer Space treaty of 1967 we were party to, so this was prohibited in any case.
What if the first words had been drink Coca-Cola? That was an offer that was refused as well.

The only thing with economic value is a photon or an electron, how to get back to moving atoms rather than bits? The grand transit of a material transportation industry? [ie how to get results rather than spreading information only]
If you ran a train from Chicago to New York and threw away the train for tardiness, then the train would be late every time!

We are biologically entities and we do not cognitively articulate specific intellectual approach towards our personal behavior, biological processes might transcend our needs individually and importance of extending our frontiers to fulfill biological needs.

Colonization of America success?
Spanish actually did have success
But the North American Colonies?
Successful in production of tobacco
So a product to kickstart space that could be tied to resources or knowledge or non-physical items, the challenge is: What is the product we will tie to space and create a profit from?

Increasing rate of shipwrecks, raising money for an expedition from Spain or Portugal, using JFK’s warning about roaming, unsettled, throughout space to move out capabilities and the approved program for a watch vehicle which proceeds as necessitated. Scientists should not wring hands about the expediency of work, but quality

The remarkable nature of these people who are daring enough (got the cahones) to take museum spaceships once upon a time, and the importance of keeping this at the forefront of public awareness (these older ships)... stimulation of program from initial Soviet Space Program and the launch of Sputnik, what was Eisenhower’s knowledge on the topic?
He did not know, in 1952 (‘62?) the Soviet Union shot down U2, with a K[L?]-007 with the correct oversight legislation and Sputnik established for the first time legal oversight precedent

MOL - Apollo initial program Director: I am giving the stamp of approval on all of the things which have been said, and the MOL program has now been declassified
Last Question

Colonization in the last 1000 years, brings the issue of novel resources, not just things like gold, known about, but coffee, spices [indies?], which had not before been known about?

Gift of a 3D printed NIAC logo

10 Minute [Break]

E-Glider (electrostatic glider)
Some static electricity allows the balloon to fly around
Properties found in spider silk, electified in teh presence of the earth’s static atmospheric electric field (-120 V/m negative)
Observed flight pattern in spiders can be seen
Benefits to NASA:
Exploration of comets, asteroids, moons and planetary bodies is limited by mobility

Phase 1 approach
Analyze a mission scenario using an electrostatic glider

Challenges of small bodies
Physics at airless bodies
Microgravity - challenging for locomotion
Cohesions forces - dominate partical interaction through vdW (?) forces
Solar radiation - Constantly in action
Electrostatics - [power source]

Day/night charging environment
Differences on dark side of asteroids vs. the illuminated side (+5V to -1000V)

Effects of solar wind and UV
The environment near the surface of airless bodies is electrically charged due to interactions with the solar  wind plasma and UV radiation
Moon dust fountains
On the Moon, electric fields can reach 50-150 kV [kW?]

Particle ballistics under charging
Still needs to be reached and investigated,

E-glider equilibrium creates a field and static electricity
Electric fields of E`1 kV/m could take place on asteroids and and electric field fo E = -10V

Debye Shielded Force
In a plasma environment an oppositely charged sheath forms about a charged space object
The electron deby length [formula]

Example JPL 150 m Solar Sail Chargin Analysis
Solar sail front -aluminum back -kapton H, 150m
Spacecraft body aluminum
Solar arrays front - solar cells
Solar array back -black kapton
Boom connecting spacecraft and solar array craft -kapton

Prliminary designs
[atom design]
[butterfly design]
Articulating the wings would lead to electrostatic flight
Electrified tehter strands to harvest energy
May need to generate local charges artificially (ion thrusters)
Telecom etc…

Preliminary levitation analyses
Looking at the level of charge necessary to reach zero force, dependent on geometry
With a computation of the charge, we know the power needed to carry in order to obtain that charge
Simulation of small body missions
Landing control
Station keeping
Soil mechanics
NEO capture

E-Glider DSENDS simulations
Autonomy >< E-Glider >< Environment <> ??

Polyhedron graphic model of ??

Electro static Inflation Experiments
0 kV 3 kV 4 kV 5 kV 9 kV

Field sensor: Langmuir probe
-Solar wind causes charge neutralization within a fraction of a second around the….

Electro-cartographic navigation
Measure the charge and attemtp to identify the potential and path of minimum resistence
E-Glider risk-based mobility analysis
JPL’s CEMAT = Combined EDL-Mobility A_ Tech

Inflation of the wings can be seen in animation, and movement along astroid can be seen

E-gliders in mission context

Science grade instruments are becoming smaller
From mass spectrometers to communications

Conclusions and future work
Getting sight into the physics, and to further develop simulation models, necessity of plasma physics

This work was done in a laboratory in the 70s, earth does have a net electric field
Positive charges were pushed away, but if the field is conductive, there is no guarantee about the charges redistributing themselves
One critical feature is the conductive nature of asteroids, level of propensity might be needed
This has not yet been fully investigated

Control factors of craft?
There is no answer to this, but a minimum level of control necessitated

Substantial transfer of charge - Inbuilt power supply?

Dual-use cables
Solar wind rider cable, could be found in other supplies

Thank you